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I first started baking when my dad out of the blue asked me to make him a homemade birthday cake from scratch.  Imagine my surprise since we always ordered cakes from our local bakery.   I decided to use a box cake mix for my first cake.  Dad was so appreciative and asked me to make his Birthday cake every year. 

With my first repeat customer, I wanted to improve and started taking a few classes in cake decorating to advance my skills.  My grandmother was also a tremendous inspiration to me and was known for her famous desserts.  I learned a lot from her because everything was homemade and made with love.

Unfortunately, pursuing my undergraduate studies and joining the workforce I lost my passion but would make homemade desserts on occasion for family functions.

I soon discovered that when something is truly a passion, you can never run away!  I returned to my passion for baking and continued making desserts for family and friends and soon was asked to make desserts for friends and coworkers.  And that is how Homemade Sweets by Janelle began.  Where everything is homemade and made with love!

Local Bakery in Louisville, KY

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